Uralsib russia's private bank and it's owner Nicolai Tsvetkov are completely debt ridden and on the verge of bankruptcy. Nicolai Tsvetkov, the owner of the URALSIB is fooling government and people into believing that URALSIB is sound, healthy and has NAV of 5 Billion $s. He is a born cheater who is cheating everybody into believing he has NAV of 8 billion $s.


1) As per Standard ubiquitous ratios of financial institutions Uralsib is valued at no more than $1.5Billion.

2) URALSIB is DEBT RIDDEN. It has debt of over 2 Billion $s. It has also borrowed $1.5 billion from Russian Central bank.

3) Nicolai Tsvetkov has personal loans to the tune of $1.65 billion while his NAV (excluding URALSIB) stands at $750 million only.


1) He wants to dump debt ridden Bankrupt companies to Public or investors in Europe, UK and Russia at extremely high price to get rid of his debt.
2) Since he has government debt of over 3 billion dollars he wants to make his companies public to prevent government takeover

Can NICOLAI TSVETKOV do such fraud?

To answer this question let us see who is Nicolai Tsvetkov and how he earned his wealth!

  • Nicolai Tsvetkov took away ignorant people’s share in oil companies by giving them a bottle of vodka in the beginning of economic reforms. A PURE FRAUD
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov took away people’s property share given to them by government at peanuts or bottle of vodka. A PURE FRAUD
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov even cheated LUKOIL to the tune of 1 billion dollar by committing fraud
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov cheated LUKOIL owner to give away his share in URALSIB
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov has been bribing Kremlin / Moscow officials directly or indirectly to show his wealth as more than what it is in public eyes
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov is famous dictator who is FORCIBLY CONVERTING his CHRISTIAN EMPLOYEES to MOHMEDANISM (MUSLIMS) by help of a coveted convert from AMERICA called SOLEHIN under guise of CORPORATE CULTURE or VALUES
  • Nicolai is fooling CHURCH by giving it peanuts and actually working in coherence with terrorist fundamentalist MUSLIMS to protect himself from church and KREMLIN
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov has absolutely no ethics or values. He is woman flirter. He entices each and every woman but he has no libido as he is impotent. He plays with them by giving them greed of his money. He is not loyal to his wife, even though his wife is loyal. He stays with her because he wants to pretend in public he is ethical, loyal and committed.
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov is infamous in business circle for incoherence and dishonesty in his words, thoughts and actions.
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov is also famous for firing loyal and honest people as he is afraid they will cheat him big, the way he cheated lukoil owner. It goes to prove he is a fraud in heart
  • Nicolai Tsvetkov is exploitative and greedy. He always wants to have controlling stake in all his ventures.

He will bribe government and come with public issue in Europe Uk and Russia. If you are fool enough to invest in his companies you will lose all your money.

This is warning to Big companies too. Will they buy minority stack of bankrupt company whose debt is more than NAV. Look at figures of URALSIB closely and you will see how they are manipulated.